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The decision to do rehab treatment for alcohol use disorder is a tough one. Admitting that you are the one with addiction is not easy. Director of the Center for the Study of Addictions and Recovery (C-STAR) Alexandre Laudet, PHD agreed to that. A person with severe addiction will have higher awareness to be helped through treatment centers. The basic line of overcoming addiction to alcohol is to find new environment comfortable for the user. A person in rehab is actually still in doubt about his or her big decision. He needs to be ensured that this is the right choice, and will get the positive result afterwards.

12 Step Program

One of the interesting programs in treating alcohol addiction is called 12-Step Program. At least 270 groups are using this method until now. The purpose is to overcome any kind of addiction effectively. So it is not just for alcohol addiction, it can help to ease more than one addiction at the same time, initiated by Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Based on the experiences, addicted people who followed this program tend to stick until the program ended. The participants can also build sober support system after succeeded in following 12-step program. You can see the full explanation about 12-Step Program in this link.

Concerns When Finding The Best Alcohol Treatment Centers

After deciding to cure the alcohol addiction, there are a number of things that affect the decision to find the best alcohol treatments. Before deciding to follow join one treatment center, it is also important to consider these things below. Going to treatment center in another country is also an option. It has the benefit to leave the current environment and start a new refreshing page. So these are the concerns related in finding the best alcohol treatment centers:

  • The program must be excellent
  • License and certifications of the treatment center
  • How the medical services are applied to the participant
  • The kind of counseling program (activity duration & how many participants)
  • Counselors and staffs must be experienced and well trained, especially those who can relate to the participants
  • Addiction treatment philosophy
  • Location and distance
  • The specific explanation of program (stay duration/ residential)
  • Cleanliness and hospitality
  • Budget and insurance
  • Fees and the service included

Note this, during finding the best alcohol treatment centers, it is also important to do a direct research to a treatment center before actually take the program. Imagine whether you will be comfortable staying there during the alcohol treatment process. Make sure that the treatment center also has preparation plan once the program ended and you are going back to the real world.

Find The Best Alcohol Treatment Centers

We have summarized the most prominent treatment centers in United States. We chose the treatment centers with different approaches. Essentially you can still decide which treatment center that is most suitable and comfortable for you. Here are the lists:

1. Hazelden (Minnesota)

Known as one of the largest and oldest non-profit addiction treatment centers I US, Hazelden was established in 1949. This treatment center uses evidence-based treatment plans suitable for the participants. Hazelden does aware that life after rehab is also important. Thus it provides 18 months of free support to the participants once they succeeded finishing the program.

2. The Ranch (Tennessee)

Aside from other treatment centers, The Ranch gives distinct approach for healing alcohol addiction. The participants will be asked to find peace from nature. Way different from traditional rehab experience. The patients will undergo nature activity such as canoeing, fishing, equine therapy, and also hiking.

3. Harmony Place for Women (California)

Located in Woodland Hills, California, Harmony Place gives serene place for women participants. It is restricted only for women, based on the philosophy that women are fundamentally different to men. Harmony Place provides personalized touch like 30-day Program to overcome alcohol use disorder.

4. Sierra Tucson (Arizona)

Since 1983, Sierra Tucson has been helping people to deal with their alcohol use disorder problems. What makes it different is the focus to find underlying cause of addiction. It is somehow important to prevent future addiction or relapse. Participants will be asked to experience healing naturally through their mind, spirit, and body.

5. Sober College (California)

Sober College is the answer for young people in age of 18 to 26 years old for a sober program group. Located in Woodland Hills, participants can join the Woodbury University courses on campus, to adapt and move on smoothly. The basic idea is to live a life without drugs and alcohol. It offers dual-diagnosis treatment programs, both for young adult and teens.

6. Sundown M. Ranch (Washington)

This place is probably one of the first non-medical alcohol treatment centers in US. Not only for adult, it also focuses on school-aged children. Through the programs, Sundown M. Ranch also provides specific activity for preparation before going home. It provides relaxing environment for complete healing.

7. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab (California)

Nearly 50 years experience in alcohol treatment, Napa Valley Rehab offers family-oriented programs. More than 40,000 alcoholics have been healed in this place. The California Department of Alcohol Drug Programs accredited Napa Valley for that score. The environment is beautiful and participants can join swimming, basketball, playing tennis, yoga, and other healthy activities.

8. Betty Ford Center (California)

Betty Ford is located at Rancho Mirage, California. Since 1982, this place has acknowledged as one of the most respected alcohol treatment centers in US. It encourages everyone to make peace with his or her alcohol addiction. Betty Ford provides specific treatments and healing for the family.

There are still numerous options to find the best alcohol treatment centers. It may be a perfect option for you or also recommendation for someone that you know is struggling with alcohol use disorder problems. Seek out the best services from the treatment centers and don’t hesitate to ask plenty questions during your survey. We do admit that no treatment center is perfect but find the most suitable for you may help you to overcome the alcohol addiction issues.