< Can’t Stop Drinking Alcohol? 10 Things to Help You Quit Drinking

Quitting alcohol isn’t an easy process. You know that. We know that. But do you know what? It can be made easier with the right mindset and resources.

We know that you may have tried doing it and the past and failed. Maybe not once, but several times. Maybe the feeling of “I just can’t stop drinking” has tricked your brain into believing that there’s no hope.

But guess what, there IS hope. And just not hope, a very good, almost-guaranteed-to-succeed possibility of you pulling it off this time around.

What makes us say that? Well, we have some proven-to-work tips and techniques to share with you, and coupled with the right mindset and some seriously strong determination (we tell you how to get that as well), you’re way more likely to come out as a winner in your journey from “I can’t stop drinking” to “I’ll never drink again.”

With that said, let’s get down to business.

#1 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The very first and obvious thing to do is to completely stop keeping any alcohol at home. Instead, have some healthy fruit juices ready to satisfy your desire of “drinking” whenever you get it.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, and it’s likely to be difficult at first, but over time, you will start getting used to it. Your brain may start seeing sense in choosing health and happiness over sickness and poverty.

Similarly, also remove everything that reminds you of alcohol, such as empty alcohol bottles or messages and images on your phone that remind you of your habit of drinking. Changing the environment to something completely alcohol-free may go a long way in helping you quit drinking for good.

#2 Avoid Skipping Meals

It’s important not to skip meals when trying to quit alcohol. If you have tried and failed to quit drinking before, you may have wondered, “Why can’t I stop drinking alcohol?”

This is apparently a common question many people trying to quit alcohol tend to come across, and many times the culprit is skipping meals. When you feel hungry, you become more likely to give in to the temptation of drinking.

You can prevent such a situation by simply consuming three to four healthy meals a day. They can include lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, nuts and dairy products, especially milk and yogurt.

When your stomach is full, your desire for drinking will turn considerably weaker, helping you in the “quitting” process.

#3 Taking on the Temptation

Initially, you would find it hard to overcome the temptation to drink. Hence, it can be extremely important to know how to fight that temptation, or you may never get past the initial stage of quitting drinking.

Start with opting out of everything that’s related to drinking or alcohol, avoid going to restaurants that sell alcohol as well as stop hanging out with friends that are regular drinkers. Similarly, identify the times at which you get the feeling of temptation, and keep yourself occupied with something productive at those times.

For instance, if you feel like drinking after work every Friday, you can take on that temptation session by going for an exercise session instead. Finding and dealing with these “temptation moments” is going to be particularly important if you have tried and failed to quit drinking in the past.

Try to figure out the reasons why you failed before, and how you can get around those causes of failure this time around. Avoiding the pub, talking to your (non-alcoholic) partner about your intention to quit, keeping yourself away from all signs of drinking are just few of the things that may help you.

#4 Be Determined

can't stop drinking

As simple as it may sound, it’s crucial and actually works. Many times people trying to quit drinking lack the determination, and often feel powerless before their drinking addiction.

With such a mindset, it may turn out to be near-impossible to quit drinking. Hence, one of the first things to do when trying to get out of your habit of drinking is to convince yourself that you can do it, you will do it, and you’re not at all powerless before alcohol.

Instead, you’re in total control of what you want to let into your body, and you simply don’t approve of alcohol making its way into your body and harming it in every way possible. Be determined to quit drinking and no matter how hard it gets to resist the temptation, just remind yourself that you’re a winner, not a loser!

Instead of thinking “I can’t stop drinking,” think “I have to and WILL stop drinking.”

#5 Get a “Sober” Wallet

Get a wallet that you will use only for saving money that you would otherwise waste on alcohol. You would likely be surprised at the end of a few weeks at how much you end up saving this way.

It will show you the tangible benefits of quitting, which can help you get a huge boost in your efforts to quit. You can then use the money saved on something healthy or significant, like joining a yoga class, some new clothes or even furniture for your home, or gifts for your friends.

#6 Focus on the Effects of Drinking

This can be really effective. Many people underestimate the importance of using psychological tricks when it comes to quitting drinking, but usually they are what that turn out to be the most effective ways to be successful at kicking out the habit of drinking from your life.

There are probably more adverse health effects of drinking than you can imagine, so take a few minutes out of your time every day and think about them. It will help you strengthen your desire to quit drinking, as well as encourage you in the way that what you’re trying to do is indeed the best thing to do for you.

Similarly, imagine yourself when you get out of control with your drinking. You probably tend to hurt people in your family, your friends, or are just hard on yourself. You forget to live life the way it should be lived and cherished, and you just make a mess of yourself. Would you like to do all those things again? Would you like to be that person again that most people – including even your closed ones – would like to avoid interacting with (at that particular time)?

#7 Memorize Some Inspirational Thoughts

Whenever you feel like giving up and the temptation to drink starts getting the better of you, you can remember and recite some inspiration thoughts to help you break free of those temptation moments and embrace sobriety with an even stronger willpower.

Here’s an example quote: “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” – Buddha.

Of course, there are many others too, and you don’t always need to stick to quotes on “Health,” but others that simply inspire you are going to be just as effective too.

#8 Meditate!

Meditation can be very effective when you’re trying to overcome poor mental thoughts and strengthen your positive emotions and feelings. So learn to meditate and meditate regularly.

At the end of each session, remind yourself that you want to and will quit drinking, and that’s your most important short-term goal currently.

Similarly, getting into yoga and joining a team yoga class can turn out to be very helpful as well. Besides positive effects on your physical and mental health, you will also be able to feed off of the positive energy of the others around you, which can help you further against your temptations to drink.

#9 Get Some Support

If you’re wondering how to stop drinking for good, let us tell you that one of the most important things is going to be the emotional support that you would need. Giving up on alcohol completely is something that can be incredibly hard to pull off without a lot of emotional support. There are not many alcoholic people that manage to go and stay sober without much emotional support from their family.

So you may want to tell your spouse about your intentions to stop drinking for good, given they are not into drinking themselves. If you want to give it your all at quitting drinking, you can even ask them to take away alcohol from you if they find you on the verge of giving up on your endeavor and going back to drinking.

#10 Water Works Wonders!

Again, a pretty simple thing to do, but the results can be amazing. Drinking plenty of purified, filtered water can help you get an upper hand in your fight against alcohol consumption.

That said, drinking at least 6 glasses of purified water every day would be one of the things you would want to incorporate in your plan to quitting drinking. However, be sure to note that coffee, juices and other drinks are not the same as water, and hence do NOT count.

Many times, alcoholics think that they are feeling tempted to drink, even when it’s just their craving for water. You will feel that drinking more of water leaves you with less of alcohol temptation to deal with, making the process to go alcohol-free considerably easier.