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While many enjoy an occasional drink or may even go out on the weekends and paint the town, the truth is that there are those who really struggle with their alcohol consumption. They drink to a point that it has engulfed their life in a way that is completely negative, and has become a major issue for them.

Some go to the extreme that they become alcoholics, craving alcohol each day. Without it, they are unable to function, and have given up so much in their life to support their addictive habit.

Others, on the other hand may not have gotten to this point, but they still find that they crave alcohol at times. It is not that they needed to function, but they use it as a crutch in other ways, and this can be as detrimental for them as if they were an alcoholic.

You Need Some Strategies

As with anything, if you find that this is already describing you, then you may have a serious issue with alcohol. This may have become such an issue for you that it is ruining your life, and you are looking for a way to be able to overcome the troubles that you face.

As with anything, you are not going to have success in defeating your alcohol cravings if you are not building a strategy that enables you to be able to overcome these cravings. There are many  websites that offer you tips and assistance on how you can reduce alcohol cravings. If you are looking for some strategies to help you, here are some of the examples provided.

1. Don’t Set Yourself up to Fail

Reduce Alcohol Cravings

One of the biggest mistakes that people who crave alcohol make is that they put themselves in situations where they are going to be able to drink. If you are heading to bars or clubs to meet people, it is most likely that you are going to drink as well. This is just not a good idea whatsoever.

This also includes parties and other events at people’s homes or at work. If you are in a room where alcohol is being served it is most likely that you are going to give into the cravings. This is why you need to avoid these kinds of places so that you will not be tempted to give into the cravings.

2. Vitamins Can Make a Difference

One of the leading specialists on wellness, Dr. Julian Whitaker recommends that using vitamins and minerals can have a profound effect to reduce alcohol cravings. Using studies that have gone on for decades, he points out that natural supplements actually help to curb the cravings, because they promote better wellness in the body itself. The mind is better supported by having the proper nutrients as is the body, and this helps to keep a person from succumbing to their cravings.

3. Get Some Help

The idea behind Alcoholics Anonymous is that no one can overcome these kinds of addictions on their own. To help support that theory, each person is provided a sponsor who assists the individual in being able to overcome their challenges when cravings occur. This is a highly successful technique that has worked for generations, and is an area where you need to apply to your own life. What you need to do is to find someone who you can call at a moment’s notice if you are struggling and they will be there for you to assist you to reduce alcohol cravings.

4. Eat Some Candy

This may seem like a rather silly suggestion, but the truth is that sugar can often help you to overcome cravings that you are having. If you think about it, the reason that you are craving alcohol is because your brain has become enamored with the drug. What this means is that it finds that alcohol gives it the necessary benefits that it is looking for.

Sugary foods, such as candy or chocolate can do the exact same thing. They provide an instant boost to your brain, which will help you to overcome and reduce alcohol cravings because your body will not be desiring it as much, because it has found some other source of enjoyment. This is a very common practice, used in such ideas as a person chewing gum to help them quit smoking. This not only works because a person is finding an alternative item to be in their mouth, but the sugar inside gum can give positive feelings for the brain that reduce cravings as well.

5. Eat Some Food

As well as candy works, so can food. If you find yourself in a situation where you are craving alcohol, a great idea is to simply go eat dinner. This will not only help you to get your mind off of your cravings, but will fill your body with other kinds of nutrients and enjoyable foods that your craving for alcohol will quickly subside.

6. Reward Yourself

At WebMD, one of the things that they recommend to help stop alcohol cravings is to reward yourself for being successful. The reason that many people decide to go back to drinking is because there’s no incentive for them to quit. Having reasons why not to do something is not always going to work. You need reasons why you want to do something, and this is how a reward system can be quite beneficial for you. Set up a system of rewards for overcoming cravings and you will find that you will have significantly greater results to reduce alcohol cravings.

7. Go to Places Where Alcohol Will Not Be Served

We mentioned the idea of staying away from places where alcohol is served, but it is also just as important to go to places where you know that alcohol will not be located anywhere around. If you are truly wanting to know how to reduce alcohol cravings, this is one of the best suggestions for you. If you can’t find what you crave, then you simply aren’t going to have it.

There are many locations where you can go that provide alcohol free kinds of fun. If you are a sports fan, instead of going to professional games where you know that they will serve alcohol, look to go to high school or college activities. Here, you know that they will not serve alcohol at the vast majority of stadiums because of the students, so you can enjoy games without worrying about succumbing to your cravings.

8. Remind Yourself Why You Quit

If you listen to the tales of many alcoholics, one of the most common things that they will tell you is that at some point they reached rock bottom. What rock-bottom is or was for them is not important. What is important is that there was some point in their life that things got so bad that they simply needed a change.

The likelihood is that if you are wanting to know how to reduce alcohol cravings then you have probably reached that point as well. Either some kind of event occurred or you saw an important relationship collapse, and this led you to make a change. When you are struggling to overcome your alcohol cravings, it is a good idea to start reminding yourself what it was that occurred that led you to this point in the first place. This can help you to overcome that challenge when you take a close look at how alcohol has destroyed your life in some way or another.

9. Commit to the Moment

One of the simplest techniques that can help stop alcohol cravings is to commit to not drink at that particular moment. This may sound silly as well, but it is a proven result where people say to themselves that they will not drink for this minute or for five minutes. The reason that this is so successful is because people have such a short attention span. Within three or four minutes they have likely moved on to some other kind of thought, and this is help to reduce the cravings. They are thinking about it anymore and so they won’t return to drinking because they found something else to replace it.

10. Take a Deep Breath

A lot of times the reason that a person is willing to succumb to their alcohol cravings is because they’re beginning to panic. Maybe it is because they are in a social setting or they feel awkward or uncomfortable, or they are just having a bad day and feel like they need the alcohol to be able to go on.

A lot of times, by you simply taking a deep breath and allowing yourself to relax for a moment, you can help yourself to let these cravings pass and know that you don’t need alcohol to help you. It really can be that simple to just take a moment and not let yourself get too stressed out. Take a few deep breaths and you will likely find that things are going to be okay.