< Why Do People Drink Alcohol? Here Are the 10 Most Common Reasons

Humans have always had a knack to alter their psychological, emotional and mental state in some or the other way. Surprisingly enough, they seem to not mind going to be a great extent to do this, even if this means involving themselves with otherwise very questionable and unusual things.

The alcohol story is no different. It makes people feel and think in a different way, and despite that coming at a great cost (of their health and happiness), alcoholics just can’t seem to get enough of it.

The addiction of alcohol is something that’s probably more popular than alcohol itself. Its adverse and negative effects on your health and everything good about your life in general are widely known, yet a huge number of people throughout the world still continue to choose alcohol over their own future.

That said, if you’re wondering why do people drink alcohol, then this article is going to be a great resource for you. You would probably be glad to know most of the common reasons discussed in detail in this article, so that you can recognize them and avoid them in order to prevent falling for the alcohol curse.

So without further ado, here we go.

#1 Past Memories

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

If someone has become an alcoholic in the past, they are very likely going to have memories of their experiences with alcohol. And the type of memories they get will determine their current status with respect to their alcohol habit.

Unfortunately, most times alcoholics tend to have positive memories of their alcohol experiences. They may imagine themselves drinking with their friends and having fun. They may imagine themselves enjoying with alcohol after getting a promotion or perhaps even just because their favorite team won.

This results in increasing the value of alcohol in that person’s mind, making him want to go back to alcohol again. However, if you manage to prevent those deceivingly good memories with alcohol, and instead keep reminding yourself of the negative experiences, you may actually get the motivation to stay off alcohol for good.

Maybe you can remember the time you had an alcohol flush (body flush, vomiting and whatnot), a hangover that made you miss work and get flamed by your boss, or even the uncountable fights with your spouse under the effect of alcohol.

If you’re looking for other similar ways to stop drinking using your psychological strength, then you can check out our article on how to stop drinking right here.

#2 Lack of a Long-Term Vision

Many people drink out of impulsion. This is simply because they don’t have a long-term vision, and their impulsion convinces them to pick the immediate rewards alcohol (or even drugs for that matter) offer, without bothering about the long term consequences.

This is obviously a recipe for disaster, as these type of alcoholics tend to consume considerably more alcohol than the others. Many of the heavy drinkers fall under this category; they would only see the immediate reward of drinking alcohol, despite the adverse long-term effects it has on their health.

#3 Stress

Many people try to find solace in alcohol when they are bogged down by stress. Many times, the stress resulting from issues at work or school, or due to family, money, etc. can get the better of someone who is likely to try and resort to alcohol in such situations.

And when this happens, they do exactly that, as they think that it would at least offer immediate relief from their stress or problems. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that alcohol would end up making their problem even worse, and also create newer ones like alcoholism and a more deteriorating financial condition, just to name a couple.

#4 Social Reasons

This is something worryingly common in western countries, but is also on the rise in other parts of the world. And while people of all age groups are susceptible to it, teenagers and people approaching their young age form the majority of its victims.

There are many social elements around people that motivate them to start drinking, even if they have never been an alcoholic before. And these can be way more motivating than you may imagine, simply because they lead to a kind of expectation to drink, and the pressure is very real.

When a person who is not into drinking finds a vast majority of students at college being regular drinkers – and is sometimes even asked by their friends to join them for a drinking session – it probably gets extremely difficult for the said person to not dig their own grave by giving in to the social pressure.

Then there’s also the fact that alcoholism has – however disturbing it may seem – become a part of the social culture in most western countries, if not all. It’s a common sight to have and see people drinking alcohol at social events. Many also consider it as a norm to go drinking after leaving from work on Friday.

While the social reasons can get a bit too dominating, you can easily fight back and stay sober by thinking that when it comes to your life, you should come first; you should be your first priority and so there’s no need to give in to those reasons and choose pain and poverty over health and happiness.

#5 Surroundings

If someone has been a regular drinker before, they feel motivated to go back to their drinking habit if they keep seeing signs of alcoholism all around them, regularly. Empty bottles of alcohol, glasses that used to contain the alcohol, meeting alcoholic friends that keep reminding them of how they had fun with their alcohol sessions and more create a type of surrounding that makes an ex-alcoholic want to embrace self-destruction disguised as alcohol again.

#6 Having “Fun”

It’s a shame that many people today have such a terribly misguided definition of “Fun.” Alcohol, of course, is a crucial part of the fun-process that many seek, which inspires them to allow alcohol to take over their health and everything else in their life that matters.

Many drink because they think drinking is fun; because drinking makes them feel high, very energetic and whatnot. Some also drink to let out their wild side so that they can enjoy at a party to the fullest. Similarly, many think drinking at parties and other places and events is a way to take the fun to the next level.

These are obviously all examples of pure stupidity, as there are plenty of ways to have “real” fun while skipping the imaginary fun with alcohol that actually takes so much fun out of your life, not to mention also quite a lot of life out of your life.

#7 Face Challenging Situations

Sometimes people drink simply because they think it helps them face situations that they otherwise may not have the courage to face. If someone is very self-conscious and finds it difficult to get involved in social events or anywhere else, they may consider alcohol as a tool to get into a care-free mode.

Similarly, if there’s something that’s making them feel nervous or scared, they may want to drink just to feel brave enough for the situation. Of course, they lose a lot more than what they are trying to gain by drinking alcohol in such situations, and then they fail to stop their habit even when the situation no longer exists.

#8 Curiosity

They say curiosity killed the cat, but the fact that curiosity is also killing so many teens’ future is not talked about much. Many kids and teens that are in their school or college just get into drinking out of curiosity.

They may feel like knowing what alcohol tastes like or how it feels to be drunk. Needless to say, this kind of curiosity is usually almost followed by alcohol addiction, and then a whole lot of serious issues that the poor kids and teens never saw coming.

#9 Preference

Some people can’t seem to be able to think beyond alcohol. They are probably just fond of its taste and want to drink it even when they feel thirsty.

They go get themselves a glass of alcohol even at times when they would otherwise have other fluids or even water. These people are usually very addicted to alcohol and destroy their health faster than realize.

#10 Easily Available

There are many out there who drink alcohol for all the weird reasons you may imagine, and this is one of them. Yes, there are people who would drink when alcohol is easily available to them.

This means that they are very likely to drink when at parties or other events, where they can simply get as much alcohol as they want without making much of an effort to get it. It’s important to note that unless they are addicted to alcohol, they may not go seeking it out and would rather only consume it when it’s easily accessible to them.