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Addiction, if not being managed with responsibility, will be a danger. This time we will talk about alcohol being consumed together with Ativan. It’s not a new thing that alcohol will give reaction and impact along with other drugs. In this article, we will elaborate the relation between Ativan and alcohol. To know more about it, we need to discuss it one by one. The message of this article is to educate 5 reasons to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol.

Know More about Ativan

There are a lot of anti-anxiety medications available, and Ativan is one of them. It is a sedative anxiolytic drugs. Ativan belongs in the same category like Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium. The name Ativan may be more familiar as it is the trade name. But the main ingredient is Lorazepam, part of “benzodiazepines”, also known as “benzos”. As anti-anxiety drug, Ativan works toward signal system of the brain. Once a person consumes Ativan, he or she will feel sedated due to depression within the nervous system.

Xanax, Valium, Opioid, and Ativan just to mention a few drugs that possibly lead to addiction. The patients of anxiety disorders will need this kind of drug to calm down their feeling. The doctor sometimes will prescribe Ativan for patients with motor function problems, acute seizures, panic attacks, and similar medical issues. Lorazepam is also the ingredient needed for people who are recovering from alcohol addiction, due to the same result.

Same Effect Like Alcohol

Ativan focuses on the central nervous system by increasing the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is being distributed to the brain. GABA is a kind of chemical that able to calms the nervous system. Ativan has ultimate power to control the excitatory signal of brain, the same way like alcohol does to the drinker. When someone drinks alcohol to calm down their feeling, he or she will get sedative effects. Ativan also has effective in doing this job. When taken according to the dosage, Ativan will help to reduce common symptoms of panic like agitation, unjustified fears, and restlessness. The body will metabolize Ativan very quickly, and achieves highest blood levels within an hour.

Meanwhile, alcohol provides sedative effect within the brain. Alcohol works by suppressing the central nervous system. That’s why the similar feeling will be familiar for someone with history of chronic drinker. Thus, someone with alcoholic habit will have higher chance to consume Ativan.

Increase the Risk

So when two things with similar addictive and sedative effects being consumed together, it is no doubt that the risk of overdose most likely will happen. We will elaborate about 5 reasons to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol later. Based on the research from National Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA, Ativan can lead to addiction, just like other anti-anxiety medications.

The physiologic substance of Ativan and alcohol will become the substance that the users rely on. Both Ativan and alcohol aim the nervous system, to slow down the neural and physical processes. Ativan and alcohol influence neurotransmitter activity that will cause anxiety relief. Unfortunately, the people who take it will tolerate the effects of the drugs. Ativan will make alcohol be more dangerous and intoxicating when consumed together.

The Dangers of Mixing Ativan with Alcohol

When 2 addictive substances are being consumed within the same period of time, the outcome will never be good. This is different compared to another relation of alcohol and drugs based on doctor’s prescription. The relation of these drugs will be like side effect to the body. Eventually the person who consumes it will tolerate as the body adapts. But in the terms of Ativan and alcohol relation, the results are bad. After consuming Ativan for more than 3 weeks, the central nervous system will get used to the effects of the drug. So you need to check out 5 reasons to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol below:

1. Fatal Outcomes

Without any doubt, when people combine Ativan with alcohol, there will be high risk of fatal outcomes. As what any drugs or alcohol consumption’s worst case, it may lead to death when the body can’t tolerate it anymore.

2. Psychological Dependency

The next reason to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol is the possibility of dependency. The psychological and physical dependency may develop by over consumption of these substances. Mixing Ativan with alcohol will produce intense intoxication.

3. Euphoric Effect

Mixing Ativan with alcohol will yield short time euphoric effect. The interaction will drastically enhance the effect upon the body. The euphoric effect relates closely with the quantity. It means that the greater quantities consumed, the bigger effect will occur.

4. Overdose, Coma, and Death

The possibility of overdose will be easier due to the combination of Ativan with alcohol. When the body is no longer able to tolerate the depressant, there will be respiratory depression and another severe problems. The cases of overdose-related the death due to Ativan has increased since 2001. At 2013, there were at least 7,000 accidents attributed to Ativan consumption in US. Death is the worse and also ultimate reason to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol. The abuse of similar substances may result to blackout, coma, and death.

5. Isolation from Social Life

Another reason to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol is the possibility of isolation from social events, friends, and also family. The users will be reluctant to groom themselves or maintain the physical appearance. The performance at office or school will also be decreasing.

5 bSymptoms of Mixing Ativan with Alcohol

After reading the 5 reasons to never consider mixing Ativan with alcohol, it is also important to detect the signs earlier. Why you need to know this? It’s you who will know the symptoms. The body of the users won’t be able to smell the danger. They will be completely intoxicated and can’t determine when things go awry. So you need to know the symptoms of mixing Ativan with alcohol to prevent the fatal outcome:

1. Decreasing Motor Skills

As the sedation effects become too high from Ativan and alcohol, the motor skill will be decreased. This symptom is similar to someone who consumes Xanax along with alcohol. You can see that the motoric movement of the abusers will be so bad. Shaking hands, low sensory, and the motor skills won’t be effective.

2. Drowsiness

The drowsiness will be increased when these two substances are being combined. When the users are in intense drowsy situation, they won’t be able to analyze the situation clearly. The energy of users also tends to be low. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration released the prohibition of driving under the influence of Ativan.

3. Clouded Thoughts

Just like any other drunk people, the abusers of Ativan and alcohol won’t be able to think clearly. The substances of Ativan and alcohol will depress the respiratory and central nervous working system. Thus, the inhibitions function will be low.

4. Memory Impairment

Unable to think clearly, and also the memory will be in bad condition. The users only have limited ability to judge the situation, even if the danger is near. The unstable condition of the body will also result in the difficulty to concentrate.

5. Coordination Problems

This symptom is usually indicated by slurred speech and blurred vision. Not too long after that, the users will feel intense dizziness. The muscle coordination of users also tends to be poor. Also as the result, there will be involuntary movements like shaking and tremors.

When people already involved within the bad effects of mixing Ativan with alcohol, there should be long-term treatment to cure it. The goal is to reduce the psychological and physical dependencies to Ativan and alcohol. Try to join group therapy to make it easier. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 40 million American adults suffer anxiety. Finding Ativan and alcohol is not an easy task, that’s why the control should be started from our self.