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Fundamentally, it’s not too difficult to understand about hangover: the result of drinking too much alcoholic beverages, in general. What makes it interesting to discuss about hangover is the experience. It is the uncomfortable constellation of physical and mental after drinking alcohol. Someone may experience hangover when he or she is consuming alcohol above the limit.

Actually the UK Medical Officers in August 2016 found the low risk unit guidance for drinking alcohol, which 14 units for a week. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed within a day. If someone is drinking alcohol frequently, he or she should separate it for days within a week. Our liver can only process 1 drink per hour. The liver will produce enzyme that can break the ethanol substances from alcohol. But if anyone is drinking way more than that, it’s possible to experience 15 signals of having hangover.

We do agree that alcohol is not only giving negative consequences. Alcohol is also beneficial for medical treatment. Like what stated in Medical Daily, alcohol can minimize the risk of Alzheimer to 23 percent. But it can only happen when the intake of alcohol is under the radar. If not? Hangover will come to those who are consuming too much alcohol. But actually hangover is not come all of sudden. There are 15 signals of having hangover, which we will discuss later.

Worse Situation of Hangover

Don’t just think that hangover is only a one-night experience after night-out, and can be repeated under your tolerance. Dr. Nick Sheron, a liver specialist from Southampton University knew an interesting fact. When someone is a regular drinker, he will feel that alcohol satisfies and makes him relax. The tolerance level of your body for alcohol intake is, without any sign, increasing gradually. The brain will get used to this situation. And guess what? When this happens, someone will feel the urge to add more dosage of alcohol and stimulus to get the same satisfying feeling. Thus it’s important to have a record or regularly check the drinking habit. Sometimes, the worse situation of hangover may appear. It is called permanent hangover (hummer).

Hangover Without Notice

Permanent hangover is the condition to your body, which occurred without any notice. In one side, experiencing 15 signals of having hangover is blessing in disguise. Why? Because when the body is no longer feeling the signals, it means that the situation is much worse, hence someone won’t feel the pain or dizziness. The tolerance level of the body is no longer working effectively. Or maybe the body responds when the condition is already too bad, like tremor, painful stomachache, and blood in vomit. If this condition occurs, seek for emergency help immediately. Once again it’s important to pretend this condition. The triggers are:

  • Alcohol intake above the low risk unit guidance
  • Smoking might lead to nicotine poisoning
  • Sweet alcohol can also be dangerous because the drinker will feel that it’s normal to drink in high dosage

Symptoms of Hangover

The signals of having hangover are basically pretty universal. It will affect directly the body condition, health reaction, and psychological act. The congeners inside the alcohol, be it the dark or light spirit, affect how the body filter it. When the congeners substance is above the limit, more likely it will cause hangover. Let’s get to know about 15 signals of having hangover and also the impacts:

1. Sleeping Trouble

Let alone have a deep rest; just to have a proper sleep is almost impossible for a hangover person. Jessica Alexander from Sleep Council revealed that hangover is one of the major culprits for human’s body mechanism to rest.

2. Having Nightmare

And when finally you can have a sleep, it won’t be a good quality sleep. When your body is tired, the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage is increasing. Nightmares tend to happen during high REM session.

3. Headache

It’s not as simple as short-term headache. You will feel nausea, weak, and also sickness over the body.

4. Dehydration

The ethanol substance in alcohol will “drain” the liquid inside your body. That’s why dehydration is most likely happening to hangover person. Another symptom is dryness in the mouth.

5. Poor Balance

During hangover time, a person will have poor balance towards gravity. It will make he or she easy to fall.

6. Increased Heart Rate

Another signal of having hangover is increasing heart rate. Sometimes if the situation is worse, it may lead to heart attack.

7. Sinus and Stuffy Nose

It’s also possible to wake up during the hangover with stuffy nose and sinus symptoms in your body. This is usually happening to a person who can’t tolerate too much alcohol intakes. According to Mayo Clinic, this happens due to failure of the body to break down the alcohol.

8. Puffiness

Don’t be surprised to notice puffy and swollen face when you have a hangover. The alcohol in the bloodstream scatters the hormonal function; hence the kidney compensates the uneven sodium level. When the sodium is increasing, your face would most likely looks swollen.

9. Sensitive to Light

It’s so normal that a person with hangover wants to be left alone inside the room. He prefers to stay in dim light because the sensitivity to light and noise is increasing. The eyes also will be red.

10. Faint

The dizziness of having hangover won’t be just temporary. It can last for hours. The residual effect of alcohol in cerebellum will make orthostatic hypotension condition that may lead to faint.

11. Over-stressed

Martin Hagger, PhD, a professor from University of Nottingham who concerns about social and health psychology found out something. A hangover person is less able to deal with stress, and the cognitive task will be a big mess.

12. Changing Relationship

So when the psychological condition is bad, it will also change the relationship. A person will be more sensitive and easily irritated. This will make the relationship with friends, family, or partner become worse.

13. Bad Sexual Condition

The consequence of changing relationship is also happening to the sexual condition. When someone is too sensitive and tends to be anti-social, the sexual relationship will also be affected.

14. Delusional

A person with bad relationship tends to be delusional. He can’t solve any conflict happens, unable to think clearly and hard to concentrate.

15. Affecting Career

It’s not easy to wake up and go to work like any normal day when you just had hangover. If someone fails to manage the time for responsibility and temporary pleasure, the career also will be affected.

Have a slow cold shower. Drink water or fruits juice. Eat healthy foods. Remember what just happened. Move very slowly. These are just a few examples of what to do when experience one of these 15 signals of having hangover. No alcohol, there will be no hangover.

George Koob, PhD, the director of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated that essentially hangover is mini-withdrawal syndrome after drinking too much alcohol. Stick to the guideline and start the alcohol-free days experiment. When you already experienced these signals of having hangover, make it as psychosomatic effect to prevent you from another hangover opportunity. Worse hangover may lead to cancer, heart disease, and disturb the function of liver.

Choose your booze carefully. Rethink your decision before drinking, as it may guard you from the danger of hangover. Sometimes people in low weight won’t easily notice the signals of having hangover. And if you are drinking alcohol to ease the psychological tension, analyze the trigger, and deal with it.